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Every day, everyone wears makeup and costumes to appease the audience, receive admiration, and return it tenfold through performance, stunning visuals, and drama. This could describe life in Los Angeles or... life within a circus. Chicago-Born and L.A. based writer Breeze Vincinz acknowledges the overlap of these intentions and created the full-length dark comedy screenplay "Little Wonder" that retells his experience of a Midwestern outsider starting a phase of their life within a community filled with a kaleidoscope of colors, cultures, and personalities than have consumed many souls.

And when you can't tell the difference between the freaks and your own reflection,

it's always best to listen to your heart to remind you who you are. 

Voices on Paper

We very much appreciate the artist community VOICES ON PAPER for holding a table reading of the screenplay LITTLE WONDER. For more info and video replay contact for more details.

Executive Summary



What ever happened to Baby Jane? She works at Moulin Rouge.



A Dark Comedy with heart, murder and clowns. And rabbits.


You can never do wrong if you follow your heart.



An acrobat, a soothsayer and a muscle man, oh my!

Executive Summary
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Pitch Deck

Rural carnival life plays a significant role in the story. The circus itself is mobile, so many of the sets take place within elaborate tents decorated with unusual knick-knacks and oddities. Outside the tents are colorful carnival games and attractions staffed by an eclectic group of carnies whose appearance does not necessarily coincide with society's definition of beauty. While the bright colors of the circus are prominent, they can not fully detract from the inherent darkness, creepiness, and mystery that lie behind the neon and rainbows. 

Similiar Works

Similar Works


An introverted yet gargantuan-sized man joins a circus at the behest of his long-lost friend and unwittingly gets himself involved in her diabolical plans to convert the family-friendly outing into an adults-only rock and roll, sex-infused alternative carnival.


About Breeze

Chicago born writer Breeze Vincinz, studied screenwriting at Columbia College where he received his Bachelors of Arts degree before relocating to Los Angeles to become a spoken word artist and even facilitating his own spoken word night “Third Thursday” at the world-famous “Jewel’s Catch One” and hosted spoken word nights for the roaming band of poets, "PoetsJazzHouse".


He was the producer and contributor of two podcasts “Soulful Salon” and “Male Media Mind” and is the author of two books “My Life As A Boy: Poems” and “Ride. Share. Stories. A Rideshare Memoir”.


18336 Soledad Canyon Rd. #2801

Canyon Country, CA 91387

phn (818) 660-6574


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