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Los Angeles Based screenwriter/author/spoken word artist Breeze Vincinz grew up on the southside of Chicago. The youngest of a household of six that resided in a small two-bedroom row house, his close-knit community shielded him from the more arduous aspects of growing up in the projects. He often jokes with his brother about how his family conspired to turn the notorious streets of gang-ridden Chicago into a technicolor "Wiz"-inspired euphoria of sites and sounds for the precocious youth. 

His imaginative spirit grew as he did, and when he enrolled in Columbia College to study film with a concentration on screenwriting, he continued to juxtapose out-of-the-box creative ideas tethered to a reality that can be brutal, vicious, and unyieldingly ruthless.

In the vain of one of his cinematic heroes Spike Lee and his films' insignia "A Spike Lee Joint," Breeze refers to his work as "Ida B Projects" in reference to the Ida B. Wells housing projects that reared his imagination, tenacity, and determination. 

Ida B Projects creates unconventional and unorthodox film, television, and podcast projects that, much like its namesake, are distinctive, unique, steeped in cultural awareness, and not for the faint of heart. 


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